We could not formulate an ending from the footage that we have. There was nothing said that was at all conclusive or that would wrap up the points. In the end, we decided that we would instead leave it up to interpretation (a skill we learned while making dramas last semester). It’s not the best ending. Mainly because it lacks a conclusion and it feels abrupt, but it really was the best we could do with what we had.

We decided on not using music until the credits because it would probably distract from what the participants were talking about.

Going through the atmos and foley I had compiled on the shooting day was really disappointing. Most of them were clipping because of the intense winds. Fortunately some were useable.

Real life

“Documentary is NOT real life”

We’re telling stories.

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO CONSIDER. It’s quite overwhelming, really. From narration using voiceover to soundscapes, cutaways and recreations, there are so many ways that we could attempt to tell the same story. Our group seems to have reached somewhat of a consensus in terms of wanting to make the family seem normal. And by that I mean that we don’t want to alienate them for their choices. Oh, I’ve not told you our idea, have I? Well, there’s a man and his family out in the countryside and he and his wife believe that any meat they and their children eat should be killed by themselves, and that is how they plan to raise their children. We’re still trying to figure out which aspects of this topic we want to explore. There are possibilities within vegetarians and meat ethics and effects on the children.

So we don’t plan to use the Z7 or ex3, not that I really have any expertise in the area whatsoever. We will probably be using a marantz. It looks ancient, but I think we’ll manage. I’m gonna have to get in some research. I’m a bit worried about not knowing this piece of equipment as well as I know the mixer that we used last semester. Some practice should suffice.