Cause a cow

Korsakow. But I guess it’s actually pronounced “core-sah-kov.”

If you’re a follower of this blog of mine, you would have seen the videos I’ve been embedding and explaining in my last like, twenty or so blog posts. All of these videos and posts lead up to our major assessment that is sort of a compilation of the videos we have made.

Here’s the link to the video:

And here is my reflection:
A major part of these tasks was making an effort to notice something that would fit the constraints we were given. This was brought up in one of our readings, ‘Researching Your Own Practice: The Discipline of Noticing’ by John Mason. Mason gave pointers about how to “increase the likelihood of noticing in the future” where he gave us tasks to notice specific things. I think this really reflected the constrained sketch tasks.

The project that I have completed using Korsakow has a ‘thread’ that I would consider to be personal. I found that the videos that I made all reflected me, especially the ones that had the theme of me. They were all things I do or see or notice and so the text that I added to the videos were also a reflection of me. These sentences are either what I was doing, thinking, feeling or wanting at the time, but in present tense. The idea behind this was to really exemplify my personality to create a more casual tone for the piece. The effect I was hoping to have was that the audience feels like they are following me through random parts of the day, watching what I do, see and think. I think the similarity with each of the bits of text that are used makes the videos flow better by providing some relativity.

This work was conceived through the use of key words that linked videos together based on what key words they used. Using Korsakow meant SNUifying the clips and in doing so, one has to add out words and in words which link and determine which videos will show in the previews. The key words I used reflected what was in each of the films and the ones that would show up as previews would have opposite features. Essentially, the structure for my work is varied according to the key words for whichever video you are presently watching but regardless of the lack of linearity and chronology, it’s like me in a sense. It jumps to different parts of my life and daily life while representing the fact that I’m a complete scatterbrain. This is especially obvious when the audience reads my text because it’s not necessarily relevant to what I’m doing.

I think the nature of this program is that it shows videos to people and allows them to navigate each video until all have been viewed. My understanding of this lead me to put each of the videos on a loop. The fact that the other option is for the SNU (/biggest) box turns black afterwards doesn’t seem as appealing to me and I think it would make more sense for each video to keep playing until the viewer decides to click another to watch. The looping also helps because after uploading it onto the server, the previews take a while to load. So the viewer can just keep rewatching until each of the three options finishes loading.

I believe that some aspects of my work was successful. I managed to complete all the required tasks associated with the project, or at least all the ones I was aware of. I think that there are ways that I could have improved. I noticed that the quality of the videos becomes quite pixelated in Korsakow and I would have liked to be able to get better quality videos, or even just less pixelated videos. I do enjoy the concepts of most of my videos because they are really representative of me. (As an aside, I would like to add that I just realised how conceited and self-absorbed it is to make myself my thread). As I was saying, there are some videos that are perhaps too rushed and don’t really express my theme or my thread as much as I would like. I do think that it is able to portray me and my insufferable quirkiness sufficiently.

The most important thing I have learnt through doing this task is to be patient. Despite the fact that in the first lecture, Adrian advised us to be dirty, messy and noisy, I think it is important to incorporate patient in media making. I think I initially took the notion of dirty, messy, noisy to mean that we could be reckless and careless in what we made, but I have found that it is very crucial to be self aware and persistent. From filming and doing several takes, to editing, cutting out the important parts, to learning Korsakow and making sure each of the SNUs are adequate.



So I was just walking along this footpath when I realised there was a dotted line in the centre of it. I immediately stepped to the left because I’ve actually conditioned myself to always do so since having begun schooling in the city and having to take the stairs and escalators a lot. As I continued up the path, I noticed a more sign that I was doing the right thing and I no longer had to follow an assumption. This was the first time I’d ever seen a path with this kind of signage and I thought it was the most clever thing ever, assuming that this footpath has high traffic.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine


When my friends and I were away after Easter, we took a ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff. Now something you should know about me is that I am extremely absentminded and I tend to wander off… Physically and mentally. So on this particular occasion I found myself strolling along the beach at Sorrento and I noticed there was just rubbish all over. I thought that this was definitely something little worth noticing because I guess it’s just bits here and there but as a whole, it is pollution and it is bad, bad, bad for the flora and the fauna.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

Milk, the burden

For a while now, I’ve speculated that I am lactose intolerant. And yes, I do plan to get it checked. On Tuesday in fact. I hope I remember. Anyway, I’ve chosen to make a special effort to avoid foods with lactose because the consequences of not doing so make me feel as though my stomach is committing suicide and I would rather eat a less than delicious meal, than die internally.

My friends and I went on a trip to Sorrento for a couple days after Easter and this video is a montage of some of the foods I ate where I could’ve had a lactose-full alternative but opted for something safer.

I COULD have had creamy salmon linguine, but I chose the napoli linguine with mussels.
I COULD have had mozzarella or feta on the homemade pizzas we made, but I compensated with a baked egg.
I COULD have had an ice cream filled smoothie, but instead I bought a juice (which fortunately was still delicious)

Anyway… I’ll stop moping
As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine


I have some very fond memories of playing with my cousins. It was a nice change of pace from playing board and card games on my own or with my parents, the only negative of being an only child.

Occasionally we’d be allowed to venture to parks. This is some footage of us chilling at the park near my uncle’s house.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

Family = Food

Ever notice how family gatherings are always, always with food?

Well I for one, LOVE IT. Not only do I get to spend heaps of time with some wonderfully eccentric and loveable people, but I get to eat some insanely delectable meals. Unfortunately at the point in the day when I remembered to film, lunch was over and what remained was some strange-looking Vietnamese dessert and the ingredients my aunties were using to make spring rolls.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine


The word ‘park’ makes me think of ‘Parks and Recreation,’ thanks to Ezra. And so explains the title of this post.

The park in this movie is near my house and it recently had a drastic makeover. So all the play equipment from my childhood, (like my childhood) is now history. I basically just walked around exploring bits of the playground, kicking things in motion. In retrospect, I would have preferred if some of the shots I got were longer and if some other were shorter. The length of the clips I have in this movie just seem a bit choppy and not well thought out.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

I ordered pasta

I don’t know why I named the video that on Vimeo. I realised it might have indicated that we went to eat at the Groove Train that night, but no, we didn’t. But I digress. This is my movie for the ‘specific place’ theme.

Most Friday and/or Saturday nights I spend with my high school friends. We usually just have dinner. This Friday, we went to Shine cafe… Or something like that… And I had pasta. I really like pasta. Do you like pasta? I like pasta. Delicious, delicious carbs. I would recommend the dish I ordered. It was called ‘Honeymoon spaghetti.’ Although, I don’t know why. It was completely filled with seafood and I’m not sure how that has anything to do with newlyweds.

Anyway, I really like the decor and the lighting made it seem so groovy and mysterious. I didn’t get to move around and film as much of the place as I wanted to because the waiters started watching me, but I think I did manage to capture its essence.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine


The title of this video is a bit of a pun. Just a bit. It’s under the theme of ‘travelling from’ and the title is ‘Fromage’ as in the French word for cheese, and cheese has lactose and the whole idea of video is the consumption of lactose. Get it? Oh well, moving on…

A couple of months ago, I finally pieced together that the reason I had been getting stomach aches after eating dairy. I’ve not been tested. Too lazy. So really, I’m just relying on the correlation of eating milk products and getting sick every time. Anyway, my friends and I were (for lack of better words) hanging out and we wanted ice cream, so off to Safeway (because we still refuse to call it Woolworths) we went for some ice cream. I knew it wasn’t wise to have some, but I craved ice cream so much that I had to just succumb to temptation. As a result, the music I ended up using, really represents my feelings of worry.

This goes with the theme of ‘travelling from’ because I’m left my better sense behind so I could indulge myself.

Almost immediately after finishing that cone, my tummy decided it was gurgle and make strange noises for the remainder of the night. It sounded really gross, like there was a small person walking inside my stomach and farting from inside me.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

Bus bitterness

This particular movie that I made uses music that makes me feel bitter sweet. I used it because it really conveys my emotions as I travel home from Uni. I’m relieved that the day is finally over, but then I realise that when I get home, there’s still homework and housework to do when all I really want to do is sleep for a week.

I like the weird effect that is present because I’m sitting on a seat facing the back of the bus and filming out the window. I think this also represents my mood, like I’m going backwards and forwards at the same time, not particularly excited about going home but not entirely sad about it either.

Because I was facing the back of the bus, a lot of people could see me feeling. I tried not to be too confronted because I figured I wasn’t doing anything as weird as what I see vloggers doing on YouTube.

As the great Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine