What doing

With our seminar never really looming, it took us until a week before our seminar date to make any decisions aside from which guests and who would contact them.

Prior to our meeting before the International seminar, Jasmine and I had a minor freak-out because guests had not been confirmed and we had no other concrete plans. During that freak-out, Jasmine unofficially put me in charge of social media and catering, as we thought those roles would need to be attended to soonest.

As such, I began forming the types of posts I had intended on putting onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also had a lengthy discussion about these posts with our seminar social media whiz, to make sure I was heading in the right direction. I posted a general introduction status yesterday, and I intend to introduce the guests in the same manner over the next four days.

Jasmine unofficially dubbing me head of catering was based on her desire for me to make chocolate rum balls, which I was happy to make. So before the meeting, I had done the math to figure out how much money I would need from each group member to make this happen. I also went to the cafe that was used by two other groups to get a quote for catering. However, after our meeting, the catering and snacks had been taken in a separate direction, and I probably won’t be working on the food aspect anymore.

I have now also volunteered myself as part of the staging crew. We’ve had a look around the RMITV props, and also organised to use the stage in Building 94 next Friday. Currently, we are still deciding what props to use and if we should make or buy anything to decorate the room with.

International – Seminar Critique

The content of this seminar covered a broad range of topics that were very relevant to all of the students regardless of whether they had considered ever working internationally. The topics were delivered well and the discussion was very interesting. The guests each had very relevant and notable anecdotes.

I liked the use of two hosts – it gave the seminar a change of pace and allowed the hosts of bounce off each other. The different topics that were asked about and discussed were able to keep up the pace and maintain the attention of the audience. It also seemed like the questions were fairly distributed among the guests.

I was initially slightly confused by the fancy nature of the setup, which was very different to the ruggedness of most of the previous nature. But it was later pointed out to me that it was based on the concept of their promo video, where evil masterminds had invited other evil masterminds to help them be more evil/reveal media secrets.

The posters, postcards and paper aeroplanes were a very cute touch. It really tied the entire theme together. I especially enjoyed the main setup of the stage, where the masterminds were sitting on lounges and sipping from martini glasses.

The promotion was the only downfall of the entire project. Like many of the seminars before it, the social media promotion was not quite varied and the posts were done very close together, cluttering the newsfeed. However, I did enjoy the different types of posts.
I especially enjoyed the posters that were displayed around campus. They were well designed.