TV – Seminar Critique

I found the content of this seminar to be quite entertaining. I thought that the use of game show type questions and segments helped to facilitate interesting discussion. I think the first part of the line-up maybe didn’t offer enough insight into the industry and wasn’t particularly relatable. However, the Q&A in the section potion definitely made up for this. I also found the delivery of the questions to be very engaging.

I did have a bit of confusion about how some of the smaller segments in the game show fit together, but it was overall, very interesting and engaging to watch. The use of the ‘buzzers’ were also very fun to watch although they didn’t seem to serve too much purpose.

This was a brilliant and quite well executed. The promotional video and the stunt at the beginning of the seminar really highlighted the theme of the seminar and it was very entertaining to watch. I also really enjoyed the team’s efforts to make crystal meth candy.

It only took about a week, BUT I FINALLY UNDERSTAND THE STAGING. They were breaking in to a home… And the stage was a home! Hope I was the only one who was confused by this, because I think it was quite a clever way to portray their theme.

I found the seminar to be well promoted on Facebook and Instagram. I especially enjoyed the different ways that it was promoted on Facebook, with different types of posts revealing different types of information. However I did find the posts to be quite non-existent early on, and then very repetitive closer to the date. Otherwise I did like the varied posts.

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