Non-fiction Doco – Seminar Critique

Straight off the bat, I really enjoyed the trail mix that this group provided at the door. Considering how close to lunch time it was, the fibre and protein really hit the spot.

I found the content of this seminar to be very relevant to its industry. I thought that the team did well to find guests from various backgrounds with varied approaches to their filmmaking. They also did a good job covering different aspects of the filmmaking process such as funding.

I found the seminar to be mostly engaging. The change of segments and the variation of segments helped to keep the seminar flowing, ensuring that the audience could re-engage when necessary. I also thought the Powerpoint presentation was a good touch, and it was good to see examples of the guests’ work.

Although there wasn’t much consistency in the naming of the segments, the ones that were relevant to the theme were enjoyable (as were the nut puns on the trail mix). I do think that they could have executed the theme in more ways.

From my seat two rows from the very back, I was able to have a good view of the panel. I noticed the slightly higher chairs that were used. I think this made a significant in ensuring the guests were visible by all. I’m not sure if the team took this into consideration but I think it made all the difference in keeping the attention of the audience.

I found that this group didn’t do much social media promotion on their own. Aside from the promotions made by the Steering Committee, there were very few posts made by this team. However, I did really enjoy the posters that were displayed and I also enjoyed their promotional video.

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