Intro to Digital

For MI2, I am part of the digital media group.

So far our group is mostly interested in the ideas surrounding how content is generated for online consumption – particularly how content is made to be engaging. We’re considering aspects from written content such as blogs and online newspapers, as well as video content such as web series. As my group’s seminar isn’t until week 10, we’ve taken the extra time as an opportunity to think through the types of guests we want to approach and how we want to approach them. As of this week, we have secured a guest from Vice and are looking into a guest from Buzzfeed and some other social media/business platforms.

While we believe that many of the roles will end up overlapping and that we will each of course be working collaboratively over different areas, my group has decided that within our group, we will divide into three smaller groups to ensure that certain tasks are met with greater attention to detail. These three groups include the Guest Liaison team, the Event Management and Logistics team and finally, the Promotion and Social Media team. I am currently part of the Event Management and Logistics team.

As we have not yet secured all of our 3-4 guest speakers, we have yet to decide what how we will approach the theme and event planning. We think that the guests are a crucial and defining element to how we run the show and how we want to frame the questions and the seminar itself. However, we are leaning towards doing a panel of sorts with a Q and A. However, we want to pay extra attention to how engaging the seminar is, and I think that really relies on how we present it. We will likely be have one or two hosts, and attempt some form of audience participation.

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