Here is my “reflection, constructive criticism on others’ films” for the doco screening. Apologies to the ones I missed, I don’t have the greatest memory.

Interesting subjects and good choice of music. The cutaways could have been a little longer. It was cutting to and from the cutaways and the interviews quite quickly and I didn’t have time to register what was in the cutaway.

Sea Shepherd
This film probably needed a warning about the semi-graphic images that were shown. (Maybe I missed it?) but I found it a little confronting. Other than that, it was a very relevant topic

Able & Game
This doco was really feel-good and enjoyable.

Generation Why
I thought the shots of the participants standing in front of the projector was a really interesting concept. It was a different take on the cutaway/voiceover approach and I found it to be refreshing. I also enjoyed that it was a casual look into politics; not too serious.

Jehova Who?
I found this to be very engaging, especially with the son as comic relief.

Behind the Bean
I noticed in the credits that there was a third coffee place that was shown, but that guy was only used as cutaway footage and not interviewed. (This is not a criticism. Just something I picked up).

Circus Stew
The beginning was a little confusing. I initially thought the doco would be about bombs. (Can’t remember why) but I guess it all made sense later when the phone interview was shown.

An interesting look into the different reasons for wigs and how people approach its uses. It might not have been very relevant to include it, but I would’ve like to know why the little girl needed to wear a wig.


One of the girls from this group told me about their sound issues and I think that they were able to work well with what they had.

I really like the visual design of this film.

This topic was quite unique. I enjoyed that it was so specific and that the participants all had that quality in common, but then I started to feel like it was too big of coincidence. I really doubt that anything was made up; it was just a feeling.

Client Liaisons
I loved the awkward dancing. It was spectacular. I wasn’t entirely certain of what the topic of the film was but I picked up that the participant was required to attend gigs. Maybe this could have been a tad more clear? Or perhaps I’m just a little slow.

More or Less
I really enjoyed the rawness of this film, as well as the choice of participants.

Long Story Short
Almost Notebook-esque. I enjoyed the initial thought that each of the participants were talking about each other. A very heart-warming film.

Just a Game
Good topic.  Enjoyed the satire.

The Things that Nana Remembers
Topic and participants were extremely engaging. The use of archival material was excellent. Didn’t drift off at any point in the film.

Henry the Magpie
I really enjoyed the narration. It was essentially the same film we saw in the rough cut screening, but almost entirely different at the same time. The voiceover brought in another dimension to the film. I was a little confused about who the narration was coming from though. Was it the baby magpie?

To be a Poet
An exceptional film. Short and sweet.

A very interesting approach to a topic with the use of no participants. It was very visually engaging. The voiceover was clear and presented the information well.