The Second Day

Day 2 of Filming!

We didn’t do much today. Just a bit of atmos and foley. Some pieces to camera. Some cutaways.

Highlights of the day included stepping in poop and seeing a sheep pee.

I was stupid and I didn’t pay enough attention to where I plugged the XLR cable into, so for the first half, I was recording in line instead of mic. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Lucky we figured it out. But I do think that the files recorded in line are still useable. We had a listen and they’re just a little softer, but that is probably okay because we only need them as background noises.

The techs also didn’t give us that little extension for the headphones. Fortunately Nam is a former media teacher and he had one to spare. Probably would’ve had to rely on the levels if not for that.


And so begins the editing. I’m a bit nervous about getting use to Adobe Premier.

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