The Hook

After reviewing the footage, we’re a bit conflicted about how we can use it to create an interesting and/or thought provoking documentary. We had initially considered focusing on the idea that meat processing was the most captivating part of Nam and his family’s lives. However, after having interviewed and seen their lives, this aspect is not something that they themselves place much emphasis on. So we have planned to show their lives as a whole, from the family, to the farm to the slaughter. The problem was that their position on meat was the hook for our film. We were going to make them seem like a normal farming family with that small difference, but they’re just SO normal. Talking and interacting with them was just SO normal. They weren’t preachy with their beliefs. Nor were they overly sensitive. We came to the point where we weren’t sure how to present the documentary without packing it full of interviews.

Since yesterday’s lecture about voiceover, I think that this could be the answer. We’ve yet to discuss this as a group, but I think that it could be an interesting way to tie all of the elements of our documentary together. We were already planning to use a voiceover of Nam while overlaying other footage, but I think that using one of us as a voiceover could also be very effective. We would be able to introduce people and ideas directly to the audience and everything would just make sense together. We’d hopefully be able to do it in a way that didn’t make the piece seem like some sort of scandalous exposé.

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