The day was full of ’em

Okay, so reading the manual was most definitely not the way to go. Should’ve practised the more practical aspects. That was just stupid on my part. Fortunately Alex is the Master of Troubleshooting.

1. One of the wireless lapel mics refused to work

2. We couldn’t switch the PMD670 onto stereo

3. The shotgun mic couldn’t attach to the boom pole

4. Time on screen started going backwards

5. Screen read ‘Blank Card Full Card’

Not to mention the fact that me trying to be steady all the time and keep an eye on the levels lead to several instances where my fingers clicked stop and play. Hilariously enough, this particular PMD670 had recordings of an interview of Robin.

Anyway, so here’s what I learned:

1. Equipment won’t always work. Do tests while at uni, so we can ask for help if necessary

2. The manual doesn’t always have all the instructions you need, and neither will Google. Trial and Error is very handy

3. Check all equipment before taking it home. Though I really don’t understand why there are even any of these shotgun mic handle thingos that are not meant to be attached to boom poles, or why we were given this handle thing and a boom pole when they couldn’t be used together

4. Time going backwards means that the card is out of space

5. Macs are stupid and you should always empty your trash so that you can empty the memory card

Aside from these hiccups, we managed to get all of what we had planned to get yesterday and the weather was fine. Strangely enough, it only rained while we were having technical difficulties.

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