In retrospect, probably should have taken the Marantz out and played around again before this day. Only reading the manual was probably the stupider option. Hopefully, I’ll be able to have a test during setup time just to get my head around it again.

I’m quite happy that we decided to use lapel mics instead of booming the interviews. I fear it would be difficult for the boom operator to swing appropriately. And I think it makes sense to use lapel mics anyway, because it IS and interview.

We plan to have the family show us around the farm first, so that become accustomed to the presence of the camera. Alex thinks we won’t need me to sound record at this point. And I agree. I think that it may be difficult for me to keep up with the walking and that the lapel mics would rustle while the walk. I’m not sure if booming this segment would have been the better option here, but we do plan to use the in-camera sound recorder.


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