Points to remember about the Marantz

Here goes

A common problem with lengthy voice or other recordings is difficulty in locating one or more specific passages for playback. The PMD670 has several ways to mark or tag specific record starting points.
Out of each of the suggested ways that we can easily locate specific passages will be by using the time and date that marks the end and beginning of each track. I think this would be the easier method despite the fact that we will probably have to listen to every track anyway, in order to figure out what is said when. There are controls where we can edit the files within the recorder, however I think this would be too time consuming and be a waste of battery.

When power is on the PMD670 is constantly saving 2 seconds of audio input. This is called pre record cache. When recording is started by sliding the REC switch, or resumed from REC PAUSE by sliding the REC switch the pre-recorded 2 seconds is recorded.
Not too sure how relevant this will be for recording on the day, but I think I’m going to try to turn this on, because you don’t know what you may be able to record in those two extra seconds.

The microphone attenuation switch permits the direct use of microphones that differ in sensitivity. 
0dB: No microphone attenuation.
20dB: Input from a microphone(s) connected to the XLR MIC IN jacks is cut by -20dB.
Factory default: MIC ATTEN switch at 0dB.
We do not want any attenuation. I must remember to keep it at 0dB.

The ANC (Ambient Noise Cancel) switch lets you choose to reduce ambient noise before recording on the internal microphone or MIC inputs. Ambient Noise Cancel positions do not change the memory used in recording. Examples of low ambient noise sources include: traffic, air conditioning hum, and wind noise.
Considering that the Marantz has no separate knobs for the fader and the gain levels, I think that this is the perfect way to make sure that there isn’t too much background noise included in the sound recordings.

At LIMITER peak sound levels that would distort the recording are limited.
MUST REMEMBER TO MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS NOT IN EFFECT. It totally confused us in class when all the recordings came out to be soft and useless.

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