What’s the point?

That is the question we have been struggling with for the past couple of weeks; what is the point of the documentary? What is the message that we are trying to put across? How do we want to portray this family? Louisa recently spoke to Nam and I think the direction we’re headed in is geared towards just telling Nam’s story; how he got here, where he came from, why he chose this belief system, how his wife and children have become a part of these practices. I think it was really important for us to have had this information given to us before the actual interview, because I think it’s important that we aren’t blindsided by information. If we at least have some sense of what Nam will tell us, we will know what kind of questions to ask; the kind of stuff that will be relevant and important to telling the story the way we want it told.

An interesting point that was brought up this week in the tutes and in the lecture was the fact that these participants that we have are not actors and they are likely to feel uncomfortable with cameras. It is interesting to point out that the length of time that the participants spend around the equipment can change how comfortable they are. I think that this is something that will vary and I’m not sure how we will tackle it. Some participants may become more natural in front of the cameras because they become used to the presence, but I think that some may become unnaturally comfortable, if you know what I mean. Louisa has said that Nam expressed his shyness and discomfort. Robin also talked about that light that turns on on the camera when you’re recording. He said that this could impact the comfort of the participant. Fortunately DSLRs don’t have this light AND DSLRs are much smaller in comparison to the Z7 and EX3. The downside is having to learn to use the Marantz PMD670, but I guess that’s also an upside because I’ll know more! Yay! And I actually am enjoying using this independent recorder. I don’t have to be plugged in everywhere, it’s quite hassle-free and it transfers to my computer pretty quickly.

I’ve started my hunt for music, though I probably should have a little while ago. I’ve been searching through the archives of my favourite online musician (who happens to let people freely use his music), Josh Woodward. Just a sidenote, his cover of Psy’s Gangnam Style on YouTube is very worth the watch. In any case, Josh’s music is very guitar-based and I think this will be perfect for our documentary. Farms are associated with country music and country music usually uses guitars.

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