Gibson, Alex

Internet Whiz. Social Media expert. Guest Lecturer.

Our guest lecturer went through his long list of jobs throughout each of his degrees. He was able to get involved with several different projects that incorporated his extensive knowledge of

One point Alex made that seemed to resonate with me was that to be online is to be psychopathic, that in essence we are using these platforms without any fear, anxiety or inhibitions, that you can be whoever. It’s true. We basically try to show the best of ourselves on the internet so that people have good impressions of us, so that we can impress them.

I think this point it relative to all of our discussion of events and smart mobs because to be involved with any large project like a flash mob is to make a statement. Especially in the case of smart mobs, people tend to want to make a social difference, a positive change. The promotion of these events are very public on the internet and the participation in such events can very easily be one of the many items people can display through their social media.

Alex also said that to be digital is to be disruptive. I guess you could see this in a literal way where digital technologies that we engage with on a regular basis become procrastination. However, digital technologies can also be seen as disruptive in its ability to be in the way. It kinda is… just there… and it’s so crucial to so many processes.

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