I had a look at this flash mob where a man goes through an elaborate marriage proposal involving singing and dancing in true Disney style.

The song and dance that is involved in this marriage proposal is indicative of a flash mob because it is not related to any kind of big, serious, important issue, it is spontaneous and the people involved are assembled for a short amount of time.

In ‘Flash! Mobs in the Age of Mobile Connectivity,’ Judith A. Nicholson states, “It has been widely suggested that flash mobbing was shaped primarily by Internet use.” This is because this is a form of communication that can be relayed to large groups of people in a short period of time. And its results are shown in a way that has a larger reach.

This particular flash mob was uploaded on the official Disney Parks YouTube Channel. This offers internet users, especially those who are as much of a Disney fan I am, to see various events happening in the parks including this one specific flash mob. The creates content for users who are looking for Disney content as well as for users who enjoy the spontaneity and choreography of a flash mob.

Just as a side note, we could totally just bring a bullhorn to our event to get the attention of passersby so that they come and crowd around.

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