This week Paul discussed the difference between form and content and how while we had all dealt with content in Film-TV 1, we had not yet dealt with or attempted to involve form.  Form is style, techniques and media, basically what design elements are incorporated. And content is what is depicted. I’m not sure if I agree with Paul that we didn’t really deal with design in semester 1. I think that the essence of creating a drama requires a lot of thought in terms of how certain people, places or things were portrayed in our films as well as how and where we wanted to shoot. I suppose that documentary making offers more in terms of style especially because there are so many ways to approach one topic and there are so many possible topics.

Paul also spoke about a common misconception that we “just document” what is real. It’s interesting to note how scripted documentaries tend to be and how much control filmmakers actually have. I suppose that we could end up having this planned out to a tee and as long as we shoot and edited it in a certain way, no one would be the wiser. I think it’s important to really flesh out how we plan to shape what is real because it’d be easier to edit the documentary if it is structured.

In the lab, Robin showed us a documentary about soccer fans. It depicted a crowd in the bleachers/stand/seats(?) being lead to chant by a man standing at the front. It was a really interesting way to show the entire documentary because the game was not shown at any point in the documentary; it really focused on the emotions and behaviours of the audience. From simply watching the audience, it was possible to tell what was happening in the game. For lack of better words, THIS IS SO COOL because we can see the real human emotion without even having to directly see what is eliciting it. And it was so raw. I think that at most, the boring, long bits would have been cut out, but other than that, it was pretty much just cutting between front long shots of the entire stand and close up shots of the chanting man’s face.

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