Found this smart mob, that I have assumed to be in German. Its translated description, courtesy of Google Translate reads

On the occasion of the activities and actions of Caritas FOR A FUTURE WITHOUT HUNGER demonstrating students BAKIP Feldkirch and Dornbirn BG 26 June Feldkirch and Dornbirn, pointing out that every 12 seconds a child starving in this world! Impressive!

Basically, the participants are students who have assembled in a public place and every 12 seconds, one of the students collapses and a few surround him/her and draw a chalk outline, as though they are a murder victim.

I think this is a very interesting display of protest. It incorporates the main ideas of a smart mob, which include ideas surround politics, the fact that it is a very structured and planned out event, as well as that it is a group effort.

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