The first thing that comes to mind when I think of documentaries, is wildlife documentaries, usually associated with the likes of Sir David Attenborough. I was aware of documentaries that represent the human condition, but I still tend to think of animals with a voiceover of Dave’s strong but mellow tones.

In any case, from this week’s lecture and lab, I’ve come to think of non-animal documentaries as being quite similar. At least in using the word ‘wildlife.’ I think that when representing people in documentaries, it is a wild version of life. It takes a view of person(s) in a way that emphasises parts of their everyday life and tells their story.

I think that compared to Film-TV 1, Film-TV 2 seems to be a lot more self-directed, or… Well, group-directed. The idea that we can start filming straight away, and that we should attempt to practise with sketches is really new to me. This lack of structure will probably distinguish the good students from the better and more dedicated students. Not quite sure which category I’ll slip into (but hopefully the latter).

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