We had the Rough Cut screenings. Paul and Robin seemed pleased and didn’t point out any major flaws, so I’m delighted.

Robin and Paul talked about the repetitiveness of our first scene. We had actually been playing around with that first scene just before the screening so that was probably why it seemed a bit too long or choppy.

Paul and Robin also mentioned that we could make the film a lot less linear by cutting in clips of the box between other scenes. We could possibly also put Jack back at his desk at the end. I think this would be a really cool idea to explore.

My group had me stop the film before the end of the final scene. I personally hate the final scene. The generator on the top level of the car park has the loudest generator and it is just horrendous. The noise just changes between cuts and it’s SO OBVIOUS. I tried Googling the advice I got from Daniel, but it didn’t work. We atmos we didn’t have time to get on the day of the shoot so I have to go back to the car park to get some.

After the screening, Paul talked us through the eight point garbage matte and I really think that it’s going to be very useful in getting rid of our horrific grain.


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