Went to the car park to get me some atmos. It was really difficult to:
1. Stay still for an entire minute and
2. Get a good chunk of atmos without cars driving past in the car park or on the street, or people walking past or strange miscellaneous rumbling noises
But I think I managed to get some snippets of useable recordings. I guess I must have underestimated how busy it is during the day compared to at night. At least it wasn’t raining. I just don’t think it would be entirely practical to stay at uni till night time, or come back at night time just to record atmos. Hopefully I won’t have to go back and do some more takes.
I also tried to find an empty classroom for some atmos there as well. But alas, there were none free. Might try again another time and try using my phone to record it rather than the H2 Zoom that I used today. I don’t doubt that the quality of my phone’s recorder will pale in comparison but it’ll have to do.

After that, we were back in the suites for some group editing. All our group members showed up this time and we went through what Liz, Jordan and I had come up with on Monday and we looked through what Jean had compiled yesterday. Vince commented that our first scene might have been a bit too repetitive but Liz, Jordan and I disagreed because we had decided it was the style and would portray how tired Jack is. I hope that we’re not just being defensive of a style we’ve grown accustomed and attached to. I did like the way that Jean put together clips in the other scenes because it seemed to work well, but I found that the pace might have been a bit too slow and not accurately portray the sense of urgency we want in the film. I went back in the afternoon when I finished a class and I tried fiddling around, adding several other clips. I tried to make it more fast paced and exciting for the audience, rather than having something that was too static. I also played around with some of the music but decided we’d need a more cohesive film before I did this properly.

Paul came in at one point to talk to us about the graininess. We showed us how to use the 3-way color corrector and we experimented with changing the blacks, whites and saturation. He also showed us how to use the garbage matte. Paul said our graininess might have been caused by a complicated function that would delve into a lot of menus in the camera to change. Paul also asked us who would be the head of editing. It had never occurred to me that I would be that person but everyone looked and pointed at me when the question was raised so I must be the prime candidate. I’d like to think that my doubt is just a lack of self confidence but in my editing experience, I have come to conclude that I’m not particularly artistic with my editing. I’m just good at doing as I’m told. So when I did go back to the suites on my own, I found that I was a bit lost and unsure. I’ll have to work on that.


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