We decided it would be counterproductive to have all of the five members of our group in the suite at once because at least two of us would find it difficult to contribute. We’ve been going in separately and discussing the problems with our footage over Facebook. We’ve currently finished the rough cut for the first scene. Liz, Jordan and I worked on it together as I manned the mouse. Each of us was able to voice their opinion in how the shots were used and where. I think it would make sense to have 2-3 people in the suite at once because it might also be counterproductive to only have one person in the suite on their own, unless all they’re doing is tidying up the clips. I just reckon that if someone does something on their own, they’re not fully aware of how it looks and how it can be perceived by others. I think that collaboration is important in editing and if someone decides to do a whole lot of editing on their own, they might become precious about the changes they’ve made, and probably unwilling to take other opinions into consideration.

We’ve made a change to the format of the first scene. After watching the footage for this scene a few times, we decided that everything that was happening in the shots we too boring to watch a full take of. So what we assembled cuts to the same part of Jack’s dialogue and has him repeating it in different ways to show a progression through time. It goes through three sections of the dialogue. I think this is good whimsical way to going through what would have otherwise been very uninteresting. This was Liz’s idea and at first we were unsure, but after some fiddling with the footage, Jordan and I could both see how effective it was in portraying the scene with some humour while being able to convey Jack’s utter despair by the end of his shift. It also really helped to have opinions on hand while I would arrange and rearrange the clips. We’d watch it from different point over and over to see how we understood the different parts of the scene. I found this to be a very positive experience and I’m less worried about how we’re going to assemble our film.


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