The day

We meet up at about 11:30, five hours before the shoot. We figured it would be enough time to collect our thoughts and our equipment. We went to the car park to go through our schedule and mark the ground with points for where Jack would run.

In terms of the crew, Jordan invited three of her friends and I invited two of mine. They acted as the muscle, lighting and sound crew. I invited my friend Ivan along because he is somewhat experienced in that he has made a film before and he’s since become quite obsessed with buying and learning about lenses and lights. I told him he could express any opinons he had as long as he wasn’t overbearing or outspoken. I guess he must’ve misunderstood me because he didn’t suggest anything until after the shoot, when it was too late. I was quite peeved, considering his advice could have been useful.

Ivan pointed out to me later it might have been unwise to switch from handheld to tripod so often because the transitions might be shaky. Given that Ivan doesn’t know the script that well, I still think this is a valid point. Depending on which bits we end up cutting together, it may end up transitioning strangely because we had planned on using quick cuts to create drama and urgency. Ivan also pointed out that at some stages, we may not have had ample lighting. I think this was something that was especially hard to achieve while we filmed in the car. There were so many reflections and shadows that we tried to remove from being visible in the frame. Finally, Ivan brought up that he thought we’d forgotten to film where Jack runs into the stairwell. I asked Jordan and Liz and they seemed to think we’d covered this aspect of the film, so I’m less fussed. Some of Ivan’s points would have been useful on the day of the shoot but I’m not sure if people would take his opinion as seriously as me and I suppose it would’ve been a waste of time if he spoke up and no one cared.

Something that I was commended for on the night was the fact that I was “on the ball.” I was very flattered because I was actually trying really hard to concentrate on my job and the people I was directly connected to (by the cords, I mean) i.e. Vince the camera operator and Ivan boom swinger. I was disappointed that I couldn’t be more pedantic. We were so short on time that I could rarely ask for another take. It was annoying that the noises produced by the generators in and around the car park as well as the buzzing lights inside the classroom would peak at the same levels as any dialogue that would be recorded. I also tried to avoid distortion by adjusting the gain and fader as we went along but some noises weren’t predictable and the levels would just jump so quickly. Hopefully the latter takes were less distorted and can be adjusted in post production.

Upon later inspection of the footage that we shot that night, Jordan, Liz and I were a bit worried that we may not have gathered as much as we need and that the lighting and camera settings may have caused the quality of the footage to become slightly grainy. Jean and Vince are yet to inspect the footage for themselves but we’ll have to have a proper discussion about this when we get the chance. For now, we thought about using this to our advantage by incorporating it to be a scarier, more rustic approach to the film. We had also considered making the film black and white or trying some colour grading, but the final decision will probably come once all the clips are in place and we have a proper structure.

We’re due to start editing properly soon. Jordan, Liz and I went into a suite to look through the clips and Jordan labelled them.


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