Fight or Flight

Last week, Adrian spoke about disruptions and how this was a central part of Integrated media as a course we were undertaking. He first discussed the Fight or Flight response which deals with a system that builds links using uncertainty. He presented us with the example of ‘we feel fine,’ a system that harvests information on the internet and constructs a chart representing how many people on the internet are blogging about certain topics with certain tones of voice. This uncertainty is something that is presented on a personal level and changes every times it is used.

In this lecture, Adrian placed most of the emphasis on ‘DISRUPTIONS’. He talked about how people have criticised the use of blogs as pedagogy. He went on to justify his choice of assessment by representing our use of blogs as giving us the opportunity to use a different writing style, to create the fundamentals of identity online with the voice(s) we may choose to speak with, whether they are formal or informal. Adrian also referenced a previous lecture about industrial aspects of media making where he indicated that this form of writing is an example of how we utilise postindustrial aspects that are at our disposal. He highlighted that where it is industrial, it is considered a gated community whereas the postindustrial of using the internet is open and public and by blogging, we are able to disperse information globally. Although, whether anyone actually does read what we read is irrelevant. More importantly is that people have the opportunity to read and identify with our work. Unlike conventional essays that we write for university assessments, we can use our blogs to reference any outside sources or ideas.

The final idea that Adrian touched upon is ‘DESIGN’. This includes making something that is not yet made, not having expense and scarcity as an issue and utilising studio practice. Most importantly, Adrian indicated that thinking and making are the same thing and that we should always MAKE, MAKE, MAKE.


My group’s final project involving the k-film is coming along well. Each of us has been assigned with one soldier. We will each film and edit 15 films that will be used in our k-film using a theme we have been assigned. Jordan’s theme is nightlife, Liz’s theme is home life, Brendan’s theme is work/school life, and mine is travel. I think I might struggle to come up with varying themes, but for the time being, it seems doable. So far, I have been given weird looks while sitting on the bus and while walking. BUT SCREW THEM. This is legitimate uni work and I will not be ashamed. Although, I do admit it feels a bit odd filming a little orange army dude.

Our essay uses the topic surrounding collages and is also coming together well. I’ve devised a plan and each of us is in charge of a section and I’ll write the intro, conclusion and fill in bits of information where it needs to be filled. Brendan’s at the head of the interface design and Jordan and Liz have the feet dipped in every pool.


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