A Week in Review

So recently I’ve been really getting into this app called Paper by Fifty-Three and I’ve started using it to take lecture notes, use as a schedule and plenty of other fun things. Here are some notes I doodled during the lecture last Tuesday.
photophoto(1)We had a guest lecturer, Sandra Sciberras, a director who teaches at VCA. She didn’t have much to say about aspects of the project that I was actively a part of, but it was still a very interesting lecture and it was information that is definitely handy to  know. There were things she mentioned that may have seemed slightly obvious but I guess the obvious things don’t always occur to us when we’re doing. Sandra placed a lot of emphasis on trust as a necessity and I’ve realised from observing other groups, that this is shows in different ways. Even the most disjointed groups seem to still trust each other to finish their individual tasks. I’m really glad I ended up with a group that is cohesive.

Last week, we also edited our third Lenny task. You can watch it here. On the Friday before this lecture, a series of bad luck and stupid decisions lead me to miss my assessment for Integrated Media. So when it came time that my group was all available to edit our Lenny task, I was unable to attend. I did manage to contribute in locating the files that were a bit scattered on the server because all the file names were similar. This really made me feel as though I was doing an inadequate amount of work. Coupled with the mistake I made last week, I’ve really come to want to prove myself and show that I am capable.
After watching the wonderful handiwork of my group members, I was quite impressed. On the other hand, I was not at all impressed with myself. I think the dialogue definitely could have been picked up better by the boom. I think after a couple of takes, I got ahead of myself and I started to forget the lines. I was also trying to pay attention to the levels while not tangling the cords. So from the 27 second mark, you can see my personal appearance of the mic’s wind sock. I’m really glad we got the chance to practice. At least I know for sure now that I’m definitely unable to man the audio mixer and the boom mic at the same time.



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