At Monday’s lecture, Adrian spoke about semiotics and post-structuralism. He defined post-structuralism as being the use of other things that create terms and mentioned that post-structuralism is not a lack of structure, but the ability for something to be changeable and subject to other forces. He also talked about how semiotics are how we use language to account for everything, that semiotics are made up of signifiers, the signs, and what is signified, how we take something to mean. Adrian placed emphasis on the necessity of negativity and the fact that things do not necessarily mean what they are.
After declaring that “Now we’re going to do something weird!” Adrian referred to some text he had written on the whiteboard at the very start of the lecture. What was written was “Farm/Pet/Wild/Vermin.” I had no idea what this meant at the start of class but it became more obvious when Adrian started using it as a metaphor for how we create cultural meanings. He called this example a structural analysis.
Here’s what it ended up looking like:

Farm Pet Wild Vermin
pigs, cows, chickens [DON’T EAT] kangaroos, rabbits rats, foxes

The idea behind this structural analysis is that we eat what we culturally see as herbivores. However, as Adrian point out, it fails to include our consumption of carnivores in the sea such as fish! He then asked us to question the reasons that while there are in real inherent reasons, that we will choose to only eat certain
Adrian then presented us with a second example using the topic of how we decide upon potential suitors:

Friends Family Strangers Enemies
Easy to marry Do not marry Potentially marry Tabooed

Overall, we learned that meanings are subjective and don’t necessarily have to be based on previous knowledge or cultural perceptions.

In the lab on Monday, Lisa had us fill out a chart about how we had been finding the assessment tasks. It was difficult to fill in the chart because we weren’t sure if it should be measured by how much fun we had or by how easy we found the task to be, because some tasks were easy but not necessarily enjoyable. Lisa did later clarify that it should be based on FUN!

On Friday, I’m going to my assessment for the Korsakow assignment. I’m a bit apprehensive about having people judge my work and give me feedback, but it’ll be helpful to receive some constructive criticism.

Wow, that turned into a pretty long post.


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