This week we learned about the first part of the three words that are called out at the start of movies about movies. It’s not accurate though. Far from accurate, in fact. But let’s not get into that. That would just make this blog post unnecessarily long, which I’m pretty much doing anyway with all this rambling. ANYWAY, moving on!

The Director Of Photography is in charge of lighting and exposure. These two elements are very important in aspects of a film such as the mood and the atmosphere. It is for this reason that we have to be careful about how an area is lit.

Robin identified three main reasons for being wary of how a scene is lit:
1. Lighting affects the style of the film and can be crucial in how the theme of the film is perceived
2. What we see on the camera is different to what we can see with our naked eyes
3. The way a scene is lit helps with the continuity of the film as well as the temporal continuity

I think that my group is lucky in the sense that we will be filming at night and we will not have to worry about the sun, but we will have to be more careful about where we place the lights and if we decide to use them at all. This is because the use of lights in certain places could drastically change how the film is perceived by the audience. I think we might want to also have a practice with the lighting before the day of the shoot.

On Friday, we’ll be attending the make-up class for Film-TV and doing the third Lenny task. It will be interesting to see how each of us manages to fulfil our roles and whether we will be able to work cohesively. After this class, we’re going to be casting for the main role in our short film. We’ll also be using this as an opportunity to practise setting up to shoot, although we’ll not be operating the boom mic, just leaving the mic and mixer in one place so that we can all take notes about the actors.

It’s all very exciting.


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