Weak arms

Oh boy are my arms weak. Totally did not realise that before today.
In class we did the second Lenny task where we had to edit in camera, which is essentially taking all the shots in order, one after the other. We were only allowed to do four shots. Fortunately I was grouped with Daniel, who was able to open my eyes to a few things about being in charge of sound that I had not realised. Besides the fact that I was unable to hold up the boom mic for very long, I also learned how to position the mic on the end of the boom pole (is that what it’s called?) and I got a refresher on where all the buttons and knobs are. Definitely a good day for learning.

Also! Today my film group went to have another look around our location. We’re pretty excited because the car park is so, so perfect. I’m still on the hunt for some awesome sound effects and music. Wish me luck!


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