Today I did the first Lenny exercise. I found the instructions to be pretty straight forward which made it easy to follow through and do the task. It was a good way to see how a marked up script would be useful in editing and piecing together the shots. For the last shot in the last scene, I was torn between two different angles for the shot. The first one seemed to fit the marked up script more because it was actually a midshot, but then the acting wasn’t as good as the second one and Sharon smiled at the very end. It was a ten minute internal conflict of whether I should go with my gut. Ended up following the script. Was too worried about being penalised.

As for the film itself, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING. I think they did a fair job framing and shooting but the location caused a distracting amount of buzzing. The lighting also changed later on but that’s not something that can be helped if we can only shoot in one day. Other than that, I would commend their efforts.


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