Above dried fruit

An update that is…

Before we got an opportunity to experiment more with the audio mixer, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about being in charge of sound. So while I was away on a trip during Easter break, I’d downloaded the manual and a couple of sound guides onto my phone so I could read up if I got the chance to. A couple of my friends were a little bit thrown off by myself and a couple of my other friends who had brought homework with us, but I guess it was a good way for me to not completely float off into happiness and forget the real world. It was actually quite hard to comprehend what the manuals and stuff were saying. I was so relieved when we got to the class and Robin gave us instructions and came around to help us. I’m probably going to need a couple more practices before the day of the shoot so that I remember everything I need to switch on and check, as well as getting some confidence and not being too nervous about looking after all the aspects of sound. I actually went to the doctor to ask if I needed my ears cleaned, just in case I was in any way impaired in doing this job correctly and efficiently. That was probably too much information to share on the internet but OH WELL. I mean, I am part of the generation who overshares eeevvverrryyyttthingggg.


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