Milk, the burden

For a while now, I’ve speculated that I am lactose intolerant. And yes, I do plan to get it checked. On Tuesday in fact. I hope I remember. Anyway, I’ve chosen to make a special effort to avoid foods with lactose because the consequences of not doing so make me feel as though my stomach is committing suicide and I would rather eat a less than delicious meal, than die internally.

My friends and I went on a trip to Sorrento for a couple days after Easter and this video is a montage of some of the foods I ate where I could’ve had a lactose-full alternative but opted for something safer.

I COULD have had creamy salmon linguine, but I chose the napoli linguine with mussels.
I COULD have had mozzarella or feta on the homemade pizzas we made, but I compensated with a baked egg.
I COULD have had an ice cream filled smoothie, but instead I bought a juice (which fortunately was still delicious)

Anyway… I’ll stop moping
As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

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