Life of a newspaper

This is a tube that sits atop a brick pillar, whose purpose it is to encase my newspapers and catalogues until I am available to retrieve them. If in some alternate universe, you were a newspaper and your fate was to come to me, this is where you would stay until I returned home or ventured outside. Unfortunately your safety is not guaranteed if you stay in there because the people who hand you out don’t necessarily put you in all the way and you might end up half soaked in the downpour. Rain is very tricky though and does occasionally trickle in anyway. So even if the postie is considerate enough to push you in all the way down this metal tube, you’ll probably still be wet if the clouds decide so. I guess you’ll just have to sit between those metal walls and wait for me to come save you. If anything, you get to stare at the lovely homes of the people I live near.

Anyway, theatrics aside, hope you enjoyed a look at my metal tube!

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

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