The title of this video is a bit of a pun. Just a bit. It’s under the theme of ‘travelling from’ and the title is ‘Fromage’ as in the French word for cheese, and cheese has lactose and the whole idea of video is the consumption of lactose. Get it? Oh well, moving on…

A couple of months ago, I finally pieced together that the reason I had been getting stomach aches after eating dairy. I’ve not been tested. Too lazy. So really, I’m just relying on the correlation of eating milk products and getting sick every time. Anyway, my friends and I were (for lack of better words) hanging out and we wanted ice cream, so off to Safeway (because we still refuse to call it Woolworths) we went for some ice cream. I knew it wasn’t wise to have some, but I craved ice cream so much that I had to just succumb to temptation. As a result, the music I ended up using, really represents my feelings of worry.

This goes with the theme of ‘travelling from’ because I’m left my better sense behind so I could indulge myself.

Almost immediately after finishing that cone, my tummy decided it was gurgle and make strange noises for the remainder of the night. It sounded really gross, like there was a small person walking inside my stomach and farting from inside me.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

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