I ordered pasta

I don’t know why I named the video that on Vimeo. I realised it might have indicated that we went to eat at the Groove Train that night, but no, we didn’t. But I digress. This is my movie for the ‘specific place’ theme.

Most Friday and/or Saturday nights I spend with my high school friends. We usually just have dinner. This Friday, we went to Shine cafe… Or something like that… And I had pasta. I really like pasta. Do you like pasta? I like pasta. Delicious, delicious carbs. I would recommend the dish I ordered. It was called ‘Honeymoon spaghetti.’ Although, I don’t know why. It was completely filled with seafood and I’m not sure how that has anything to do with newlyweds.

Anyway, I really like the decor and the lighting made it seem so groovy and mysterious. I didn’t get to move around and film as much of the place as I wanted to because the waiters started watching me, but I think I did manage to capture its essence.

As Tigger was always said, TTFN, ta ta for now!
– Christine

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