Aurally sound

This week in Film-TV 1, we learned about sound. Paul showed us a clip from a movie and asked us to pay attention to the sound and he made an effort in switching off the projector so that this would be easier. Unfortunately he hadn’t switched off the smaller screens, and a majority of the students in that lecture watched it anyway. I wonder why none of us pointed it out… Anyway, I made an effort to not look at the screen, so I could embrace the full impact of the sounds, music and speech, although I will admit I had a couple of glimpses at the screen because at some parts of the clip, I had no idea what was going on. The purpose of this exercise was for us to experience the layering of the sounds without being distracted by the visuals. Paul also encouraged us to do this when we edit. He told us we should listen and edit the audio by itself as well as watching and editing the video by itself. I think considering that when we do go to edit, we would have all seen the playback of each of the clips, that it would make for a very interesting experience. At first I thought it would be frustrating because I’ve become so accustomed to being able to see what’s happening in the viewer and canvas while editing in Final Cut Pro. After some more thought, I think what would be more frustrating would be having to sync all the file after I’ve mutilated each of them separately. Actually, on my train of thought at the moment, I think that it would be easier to do this bit after the rough cut. Perhaps this is what Paul was suggesting the entire time and I’d just missed it. It’d be far too complicated to have to edit the audio and video separately straight from the start. I’m a bit dim.

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