At one stage I had gotten a bit obsessed with burning candles. I had found this huge one (pictured below) in our study room and decided it was mine. Since then, my mother has become very paranoid that I’ll go out without blowing out my candle and the house will catch fire. So now I am banned from burning candles. 20121210_095305In the movie linked here, is my red candle, which I adore because it just smells like happiness, and my red lighter. I’m not a pyromaniac and I’m not trying to say that one of the things I like are lighters, but they bring me joy through the fact that they can light my candles (which I now do in secret). There is one shot in the video that I’ll admit is really dodgy. I tried to make it seem like I placed the lighter into the ditch where the candle has been sunken in, but I didn’t want to burn myself. As I do not own matches, I usually just light another candle and use that candle to light this larger candle. But that candle was blue… So… Yeah… Anyway, I think it looks really obvious but I’d like to think that perhaps no one will realise.

You may notice the candle is not of its former glory, but it is majestic nevertheless.

– Christine

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