The Merry Go Round goes Square and Square

Greetings and salutations, stranger! Welcome back to regular posting!

If you’re reading this, you have ten seconds to run away before your computer blows up! I’m kidding.
Actually, what I meant to say was, if you’re reading this, it means that you’ve probably read/watched my last six posts. They were the result of my first week in Integrated Media. When we were first given the task to make six ten second movies, three with round things and three with square things, the ambiguity of it made my mind melt. That alliteration was unintentional, but still fun. Sorry, I keep going off topic. Now where was I? Ah, yes. So I thought an easy way for me to wrap my head around this idea would be to walk around the house and write down all the square things and all the round things that I could find. I then divided them into groups according to their location.
At first I had contemplated compiling snippets of footage of every single round and square thing I owned and I had also thought of trying stop-motion animation where a bunch of square or round things interacted with each other. But then, something hit me and I remembered that Adrian had emphasised that this subject didn’t focus on still images, so I decided not to. I also remembered Lisa mentioning that these sketches would be used for a future assignment, so I attempted to make my sketches very broad, and they all pretty much just turned out to be things I do while I’m at home but with a specific focus on their shape.
I had some trouble shooting because I did it alone, but I was determined that I didn’t need help. Mainly because there wasn’t really any available. A couple of times I would have use body parts aside from my hands to hold my camera (well, my phone), so that I could have both my hands in the shot. In Round things 2, I clamped my phone between the bottom of my chin and my collar bone, and in Square things 3, my phone is held by my knees.
I found this assignment to be very interesting. I liked that it really made me think and consider different aspects of the tasks before starting. I’m not entirely impressed by my end products, especially after seeing the spectacular efforts of other students, but I’m quite content with what I was about to produce. This opinion will probably change when I get to class on Monday and my work is critiqued. But until then, I’ll just be content.

– Christine

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