The character’s character

Reflection of Weeks 1 and 2
Film-TV 1

Story writing is hard. I’ve always fancied myself as being better at storytelling, as long as the story was a recount of something stupid I did or encountered. Mostly because I’m quite good at portraying myself as a fool and being very emphatic in doing so.

I did struggle a bit in coming up with a character in the first lab for Film-TV. I tried to make his as outrageous as possible, before realising that it probably would’ve been a better idea to be practical and dramatic instead. I found that my character lacked conflict in his life, which made him quite boring. I think he also lacked personality. In the lecture Christine Rogers pointed out that you either have to have an interesting character or an interesting plot, and to me, neither the story nor the character were up to par.

At the end of the first lecture, Christine told us to start thinking of a story idea which we would later have to develop into an outline. She said we could base it on anything as long as it was dramatic, even something that happened in our own lives. This got me to to thinking of something that had happened to me that morning. When I had gotten on the train to Uni that morning, I noticed that the man standing in front of me was holding his phone up to his ear but for the entire time I stood in front of him in the carriage, he did not speak a word. I started to think of all the reasons why he could have been doing this. I have still not yet decided the fate of this character is but it’ll come to me. Hopefully. I did however decide it’d probably be a bit too hard to film on a train.

In yesterday’s lab for Film-TV 1, Robin critiqued our stories and after telling him that I might replace the train with an elevator, he suggested that I should decide what I want the feel of the story to be, because it would change according to the location I picked. I think I definitely need to put more thought into this. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I’m overthinking the aspects of this task, that is making me struggle.

Well, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

– Christine

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