Polka and Mocha

[WARNING: Long post ahead]

For my digital story, I chose to make an online story book with my main characters being a couple of eggs cooked sunny-side up. Initially I had considered using Storybird  but I found the structure and process to static and I wanted to be in control of more of the changes. I had also considered simply putting the pictures onto my Facebook or Twitter but using either of those as the main way of publishing would give me zero reach so I decided instead to use them for marketing. I’ve been using Tumblr and uploading silly drawings of mine, for 4ish months now and I thought I could use my existing account to utilise what I had hoped would be the loyalty of my Tumblr followers. I didn’t have high expectations though.

Production and Design

I’d like to think I’m pretty above average at drawing stick figures. In mid-August I had posted a picture to Tumblr based on the fact that ‘yolk’ rhymes with ‘folk.’ My enjoyment of my own silly rhyme lead me to choose these as my main characters and to decide that my story would be told in rhymes. I also thought that simply doing still pictures would be too boring and ordinary so I decided to animate gifs on Photoshop – also another way to appeal to kids.

I did attempt to take onboard the advice of the guest lecturer. So, I tried to be as colourful as possible to appeal to children but without making the colours too overpowering and also picking a neutral and suitable background colour. I also kept the layout very conventional  and the text was kept under ten words per line so that it would be easy to read.

Marketing and Dissemination

To market my digital story, I used Facebook and Twitter (follow these links to see the Yolk Folk pages and posts).

My target market for my initial story was 5 to 7 year old kids but it didn’t make sense because I would be marketing online. Hopefully, kids that age aren’t using Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr, although I know there are children writers on Storybird. In any case, I tried to encourage anyone who saw my posts to show kids they knew but I’m not sure that worked. I made a new Facebook page but kept my own Twitter account because I won’t be able to reach anyone on Twitter without followers buuuuut no one really responded or reacted on Twitter anyway. Facebook seemed to work better but it was only my friends my friends of friends responded to that but I did like that I could spread the word easily. What ended up working best was simply tagging my post on Tumblr was enough to get some attention.

And without further ado, here is the link to the Tumblr post.

You might notice that my name is everywhere. Something I’ve learned since using Tumblr is that you should always make sure your stuff can be attributed to you. I highly doubt anyone will want to claim my stuff as theirs but better safe than sorry!

I’m thinking I might do a second. In the meantime, enjoy!

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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