Waffle Reflection

Assuming you’re a regular on my blog, you probably saw the post I made a couple of posts ago where I designed a game that used QR codes and Twitter. First and foremost, you should know that it took me ages to wrap my head around my concept. This was in fact my third draft at the synopsis/story aspect of it and the second version of my decision tree.

I took the element that was Twitter and really heavily relied on the whole social side of it and I thought I could have the entire game revolving around the path to for lack of better words, networking enlightenment. I decided it would be easier for me to come up with the decisions for the decision tree after I’d figured out the story that lead up to having to make the decisions. It took me the first two drafts to realise that this kind of concept would be far to strange to occur in the real world. On my third attempt, which is the one you see on my blog, I created an alternate galaxy. It would make more sense for them to be farfetched. But beyond that, I wanted there to also be some common elements of what we do here on Earth, with the weirdness of regulations and especially with the idea of social networking.

I decided that rather than having all the usual social networking sites, that after the compulsory step of having a Twitter account and tweeting your progress, the player would be exploring other forms of social media. The ones I picked out were specific to their interests. One about books/reading, one about sports, one about art, one about cooking/food, one about TV shows and one about music/sound. But then I also needed to include the QR codes so I thought of having the game be like a scavenger hunt where clues would lead the player to a place that had items pertinent to the website and where they would find a QR code that lead them there.

Due to the fact that the whole idea of a decision tree is that you make decisions, I had to rethink my initial one. At first, I had more of a progressive road of activities and you really just didn’t make any decisions at all. The more I thought about it, the more confused I got about how to change what I had to something where the player had the opportunity to choose. So I broke it down for myself, I split the six website into two categories and from each major point in the game, the player was given the chance to choose what kind of site they wanted to explore next, whether they would prefer the site to let them be opinionated or just to experience a different side of a culture.

All in all, I think that my concept was fairly good. I liked the way that I was able to incorporate Twitter and QR codes. I also thought that my inclusion of various social media emphasised aspects of my story and how Waffles would be exploring the networks as well. I think my main weakness was that I could’ve worked out the decision tree better. While I think that the organisation of it is quirky and something I enjoy myself, perhaps it would’ve been better if i had made it more traditional style. I also think it could be improved through a better formation of decision-making, say if there were more options and more availability of information.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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