Media Students Charter

This is the charter before I got my hands on it (Red is original charter; blue is the first person who altered it):

This is the charter after I got my hands on it (Black is a merged version of the original and the changes; pink is my additions):

These changes were done entirely on Google docs, one of Google‘s many useful and wonderful creations. It is a file-sharing aspect of having a G-mail account where people can share documents of most kinds with whoever they choose. I’ve even heard of people collaborating on an essay while using Google docs. I think that first off, it is a really easy way to upload a file and have it be available to a large audience without the audience having to download the file. It is also useful because the users can be made aware of changes to the file and the users can make changes of their own. This is especially appropriate for group work because it allows for work to be completed without all members of a group having to be physically present in changing the piece of work. I guess this is easiest if you are working off of a Microsoft Word document. I also found it useful as a personal storage facility. Pretty sure it’s not supposed to be used in that way, buuuuut, it did allow me the access to images or files I might have needed from a separate computer. All up, I think that is a very simple way to having and keeping files on-hand, sharing them, and keeping up to date with the progress of your group. IT’S ALL SO CONVENIENT. EMBRACE IT GUYS, EMBRACE IT.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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