Here is a silly game I designed that uses QR tags and Twitter. Guess it’s really only possible to play if you go to RMIT’s City Campus. Mah bad.

Marketing Image


Waffles lived in Naturalia, a world where everything was considered living and precious. All things from houses to cars were made from organic materials and were energy efficient because their scientists were very advanced in biology and ecology. Naturalia was a planet neighbouring Techtopia, a technologically advanced planet and Paperstan, a planet made entirely of paper. These and many other planets with in their galaxy, The Lunar System, lived in unity. Although each planet held different values and beliefs and were very set in their ways. While they respected the choices made on the other planets, there was a very obvious distinction and division of peoples.

Waffles was very adventurous. She would climb up the highest trees and attempt the most dangerous tricks on her leaf-board. Waffles was also very stubborn. She refused to believe anyone who told her something could not be done. If it was possible, she would explore all the possible ways to complete any challenge that was handed to her. During a history lesson about Techtopia, Waffles was introduced to the idea of social networking. Of course in Naturalia, they had very basic forms of technology. Everything was solar powered or used potato batteries and was made of vines. Waffles understood this concept of voicing her opinion online but she could not grasp its importance of using the Internet as a tool for networking. After all, in Naturalia, they hung imprints of their faces on leaves outside their houses to convey their mood to others, and they contacted each other by screaming through tubular vines connected from house to house.

On a trip to Techtopia to visit her great-aunt’s third husband’s second cousin removed, Waffles came across the opportunity to learn more about social networking. Due to the fact that Waffles was not a Techtopian, she was unable to fully embrace all the facets of social media. Fortunately, Waffles’ estranged relative was! This allowed Waffles access to many of Techtopia’s insider information, so long as she completed some other tasks.

Decision Tree

Or at least, my attempt at one. Considering that most decision trees usually look like actual trees, I thought might could be more abstract but still bearing the main aspects of the decision tree – which is to allow you to make decisions across the duration of the game.

Navigating the game, basically requires you to decide whether you want to veer more to being opinionated or cultured at that point in time. Following the clues will lead you to a QR code that will take you to a social networking website that is geared towards a certain hobby or interest. Tweeting your progress allows others to identify with your decisions and track whether you have joined the same sites.


Don’t know what a QR code is? See previous blog post for a picture of one. What you do is you download an App (Just search ‘QR code’ in App store or Google Play or whatever you have), scan the code and it redirects you to a website. FULLY SICK, BRO. And yeah.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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