E-Z reading

They added an ‘e’ in front of ‘mail’ for the creation of ‘e-mail’ as in ‘electronic mail.’ And so this is how I automatically realised what e-books are. What I have come to realise is that anything that has been made to be electronic, is done so to extend a sense of convenience. Most all technology is based on the idea of improvement and making things easier.

E-books are essentially versions of a book that can be read on forms of technology. Although, I know that a lot of people end up veering towards reading books on their iPads anyway. They can be bought and downloaded, even onto computers as pdf files. So, it is obviously super easy to transport! All the books stored in one place. No pages, or actual covers. It also costs less per book. I suppose if you buy enough books, it evens out the cost of the actual device you’re using… Until it runs out of battery.

So you can see that there has been some debate over what’s better. Actual books or e-books… Well, I for one am not really a fan of any kinds of books. I’m not much of a reader. There’s something about huge chunks of words that make me sleepy beyond compare. But you know what? Even I prefer normal hard-cover or paperbacks. The screen glare would make me even more tired and it’s so annoying to recharge things. These books are even cheaper now since the introduction of e-books. I’ve even heard that some people just like the touch and smell of books. They must be pretty avid readers.


Pros Cons
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to read
  • Transportable
  • More expensive overall
  • Can run out of battery
  • Screen glare


Pros Cons
  • Cheap
  • No eye strain
  • Store everywhere
  • Lots together are heavy
  • Uses lots of paper

For me, books win for sure but as technology progresses, there’s really no telling how far this will go. So many book stores have closed down and the ones that are left are selling books for more than 50% off. The convenience of e-books are too powerful. From the easy access to the transportability, its place in contemporary mediascape is becoming increasingly dominant.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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