Ultimate destruction

My cousin told me the other day about what a tyrant Steve Jobs was before he died and how so many people were coming out to talk about how he had been mistreating them as well as how the only nice thing people seemed to be able to say about him was that he managed to change the world technologically. That super long sentence aside, I thought it was sad that there were people in the world mouthing off about him after he had passed and I kinda didn’t really believe that he could be that bad.

A fun fact that I’d always enjoyed was that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were actually friends. Insane rivals, but friends nonetheless. Anyway, that’s just going way off track.

After watching this documentary, ‘Browser Wars,’ I really feel like whipping out the ol’ Nintendo and playing some Super Mario Brothers so I can defeat Bowser. I also think that if Steve Jobs was at all as ruthless as Bill Gates, then he most certainly was a tyrant. I guess since this uprising of Apple products, no one really pays attention to Bill Gates anymore. The attempts that Microsoft makes to keep up with Apple is kinda sad. I highly doubt that Apple will ever come close to an untimely demise like Netscape did, especially not at the hands of Microsoft. Microsoft is still a force to be reckoned with but as Apple‘s rapidly growing popularity, who’s to say Microsoft isn’t doomed? I’m kidding, I know some very avid PC lovers, and this is just this silly opinion of a very non-tech-savvy kid anyway.

I suppose that it’s due to the fact that he’s now so philanthropic now that no one really remembers to cares to remember that he was a crazy slave-driver. Keeping an eagle-eye watch on Netscape‘s activity and making sure to outdo them at every opportunity, shouting degrading remarks at his employees when they couldn’t code the way he wanted them to. I mean, they were the best of the best and if Bill Gates still didn’t like what they were producing, he’s got sky-high expectations.

The issue was that Microsoft was basically stalking Netscape‘s ideas and it was pretty much considered illegal. They had identified Bill Gates’ intense desire to take down Netscape because Bill Gates was all like “KAPOW” and  Netscape was like “Oh no! Leave us alone!” Naturally, the US government stepped in and charged him, because you know, that’s what governments are for, breaking up feuds between major companies.

I’d like to think that Microsoft would’ve released their browser anyway… Eventually. They were just a lot more motivated to get it done faster and better because Netscape managed to do it first. I mean, Netscape did come out of the blue. Bill Gates can’t help that he was blindsided by some College students and taunted by their success.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what Netscape was until I watched this video. I knew the logo (and was very proud that I spotted it in The Logo Quiz App on iPhone) and the brand name but I had no idea what they did. So this was definitely an eye-opener.

I almost feel sorry for Microsoft at this point, no one even uses Internet Explorer anymore. Well, not many and I’m pretty sure most of the people who do are not tech-savvy and are using it because it’s the default browser on their PC. IE is so incredibly slow and I almost feel stupid for not transferring my allegiance sooner. You should know by now that I have an undying love for Google and I especially love, love, love Google Chrome. In fact, I’m so attuned to its functions that I get confused when I use Firefox or Safari. Up your game, Microsoft. IE is terrible. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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