Hunt for fried batter

If you hadn’t already noticed, I love, love, love Google. If you didn’t know that, read this. It might enlighten you. But at the same time, it probably won’t.

As much as I la-la-loooove Google, I don’t see why I can’t mix it up a little and try a new search engine. I feel a bit uneasy about venturing outside of my comfort zone. A place where I know exactly what I want and how to find it. But okay, whatever, I will give other search engines a go. I really don’t think they can hold their own though. I mean it’s Goo-freaking-gle.

Let the harsh comparisons begin!  Naturally, I gravitated towards food. I chose to do a search on pancakes. I hate pancakes. Just sayin’.

First off, I tried my beloved Google.

So the first three results were recipe sites, the next Wikipedia, two restaurants, Google images, two more restaurants, another recipe website and then another restaurant. Now I have heard there are types of marketing that will get you higher up on Google search results. Let us not that into consideration. I think that Google pretty much covered the main aesthetics of pancakes. How to make them and where to get good ones as well as a snippet of what they are. I think this was a fair overall coverage of the basics. However, I would have probably preferred if these results weren’t so commercial.

Second cab off the rank is Instagrok.


I’m just wondering where this website was when I was in Primary School. It is fully sick. It was a bit confusing to navigate at first but I picked it up pretty quick. I enjoy how all the options are so accessible under the tabs, (a couple shown above). I also really like that you could expand the dots to enlarge the mind-map-esque thingo. So fun! The only downside is that unlike Google, you only find out stuff about pancakes. Nothing else. Although, seeing as this is a website directed to kids’ research projects. It’s pretty freaking awesome. There’s no other way to express it.

Finally, we have DuckDuckGo.

I don’t like birds. They should not have a bird mascot. But otherwise, I really like the inclusion of several definitions at the top of the search which is better than Google in that you don’t have to chuck a “define:” at the start of a word to have it defined. I also like that unlike Google, this website seems a lot less sponsored and commercial. It has a bigger focus on information while still slipping in restaurants here and there. However, I don’t like the infinite scroll. Its’ hard to tell where I’m up to or where I’ve been because all the words look the same. It should have pages, like Google.

All in all, I think each of these websites has its merits. I like them each for different reasons.  Google‘s reliability, Instagrok‘s creativity and DuckDuckGo‘s attention to detail. If I had to, this would be my ranking:

1. Google

Because it has everything and there really is no denying it.

2. DuckDuckGo

Because it less commercialised and shows different kinds of content.

3. Instagrok

Because it attends to a niche market that I’m not a part of.

I did really like the duck one though. I’m gonna try it as my homepage for a week to see if I like it better. I don’t know if it’ll make a difference though. The browser I use is Google Chrome and you can just search in the address bar. I wonder if I’ll make the effort to use DuckDuckGo.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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