Two reasons why you should try RSS

Let me begin by talking about another RSS… My Relatively Sad Start.

There was a significant amount of confusion surround the use of RSS for me. I don’t understand many things but this, this was a particularly difficult one for me. It didn’t help that Wikipedia was taunting me with it’s declaration of supposed simplicity.

I guess it could have been because I didn’t know who to subscribe to or how RSS could help me do research. Whatever it was, I am so glad that somebody in my course was nice enough to create a page where we could post our blog URL’s.

Enough of my ranting. Let’s get into the good points about RSS.

1. It’s the Hootsuite of the syndication world!

It compiles all the feeds/blogs/whatever else you wanna see and chucks it all in one place for easy access.

2. You don’t need cookies!

Rather than relying on the cookies on your browser to remember the websites you visit, all the URL’s of the feeds of your favourite websites are all in the Google Reader. So, you can switch straight over once you’ve checked your e-mails. Assuming that that’s the feed reader you choose.

Just so you know, when I use exclamation marks, it means you’re supposed to read it in an excited voice because I’m excited and you should be too.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

2 thoughts on “Two reasons why you should try RSS

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Also, that was only two reasons and as a massive fan-girl of RSS readers (in particular Google Reader) I’d like to add a few more:

    3. Never lose track of where you’re up to.
    Especially good for online comics or blogs where there’s a continuous story and it had to be read in order without missing posts. Or if you’re going to be offline for a few days/weeks/months and don’t want to miss updates from particular feeds.

    4. Easily skim through large amounts of articles until something interesting catches your eye.
    I personally use this when I read through my bikes folder. I mostly subscribe for the pretty pictures but sometimes have to trawl through technical reviews to get them.

    5. Get organised.
    A great feature of Google reader is to pop each feed into a folder, or tag. That way you can have separate collections like “Student blogs”, “Comics”, “Bikes”, and “Great reading” (just a few of my own there) and separate collections means you can pick and choose what to read and when to read it.

    6. Share stuff.
    Google Reader has this great built in sharing feature, so that any time you find a really interesting article you can share it on your preferred social network, or via email.

    7. Keep track of the great stuff.
    Okay, so I’m banging on about Google Reader more than just RSS in general, but that’s because it’s fantastic. Here, I’m referring to the starring system that Google likes so much. Read something amazing then “star” it so that you can easily find it again later.

    8. Read it twice.
    Speaking of keeping track, ever read an article then realised most of it went in one eye and out the other (so to speak)? Just scroll to the bottom of the article and hit the button that says “Keep unread”. The next time you log in, it will be there ready for your fresh new eyes.

    9. Everything’s the same.
    I have a personal pet peeve again websites with dark backgrounds and light text. It’s not always the easiest to read, especially for long periods of time. The same can be said for websites with funky fonts (not always the good kind of funky…). The bonus of chucking it all into a reader is that it all looks the same. Nice white background, easy to read fonts. Simple!

    10. Discover dormant gems.
    What I mean by this one is that sometimes bloggers, they stop blogging. And if you’re just checking their site every day you can get bored and eventually stop checking. If you’re subscribed in a reader however, it doesn’t matter if you don’t check, because as soon as the blogger returns from their hiatus, you’ll know about it. No effort required on your part to go hunting them down or on their part to recruit back their old readers.

    Sorry that my comment is longer than your blog post! I just wanted to add some more great reasons why people should try RSS readers.


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