Who are you?

I could look at the statistics of this blog and be so flattered that people are visiting and reading. But no. No. Really? People don’t read my blog? No. No? I just… No. But… No.

I was playing with the position of the widgets and I kept refreshing to see what had changed. I was also checking my spelling and grammer and going to edit and coming back to see if it had changed. At least for a split second though, I felt popular, like people actually read my silly posts. BUT WHO CARES? You don’t exist. You, this supposed reader of my blog. Nobody reads this. So much for words left unsaid. More like words never heard. Oh, on second thought. You do exist. You’re me. I read this. I read my own blog… Because I feel insecure about my spelling and grammar. I have to go back and check… A few times. Anyway, I’ll let my readers continue to be imaginary. I’ll pretend that other than me, there are actual people reading this. No wait, it doesn’t have to be real people. Ghosts are cool too.

Just like this totally cool translation.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

One thought on “Who are you?

  1. Just thought I’d say that you have a great blog, really you’re style of writing makes me want to keep reading, PLUS it comes with terrific spelling! Doing well! I am failing at the moment with mine (as u have noticed with my lack of posting… :p) KEEP IT UP CHRISTINE!!

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