Copyright of Passage

Oh Christine, you are too punny!

With this whole uprising of copyright issues, I could only see fit that I also address any issues with any material I release as a result of this blog. Although I do highly doubt anything I publish is worth taking and claiming as your own, I do take pride in what I do and if other people can also appreciate it, I would like to see how!

Just for the record, this is the licence I am applying to my blog:

and I hope you take notice and respect my wishes.

This essentially means that you can:

“… Remix, tweak, and build upon [my] work even for commercial purposes, as long as [you] credit [me] and license [your] new creations under the identical terms.”

I would also like to make a point about Spam. It is a very good choice as a salty element to your fried rice and I really recommend it. Bacon also works but Spam offers a more chunky feel. After all, the whole purpose of fried rice is having chucks of meat, egg and veggies.

Wait a second, I think I was meant to talk about that other kind of spam. That horrible unsolicited bulk messages. Please don’t. Please. Fortunately for me, WordPress lets you approve comments before they are shown. So, there’s really no direct problem with posting rude or unnecessary things on my blog. Just know that it will be a terrible inconvenience on me and my time to remove stupid and/or horrible comments. Please don’t intentionally waste my time. It’s so precious. (Can you guess whose voice I read that last sentence in?)

In any case, any comments that are worth seeing in response to my posts will be approved. Even those that are critical, as long as it is constructive. Comments that are derogatory/hurtful/rude/deceiving will simply be marked as spam. And no, not the ham kind.

Sending hate or trying to advertise a dodgy website is as silly as YouTube asking me if I know I have a YouTube channel after I have liked a video.

Don’t be silly like YouTube.

Just standing my ground, guys. Just standing my ground.

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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