Interest Rates

So if I open another bank account, I can get a higher interest rate as long as I deposit $200 a month. I don’t know if I can save that much but a higher interest rate is really enticed. I guess this means that I’m interested in interest rates, that I have a high rate of interest in interest rates. And as long as I’m staying with this bank for the time being, I may as well be..

How strange is it to think that I’m such a boring person as to be interested by interest. Screw it, I’ll be interested in whatever I want. Stupid banks and their stupid gimmicks to get me working about money. Screw them too. I am so confused. It really just makes me paranoid about my money.

Otherwise I could always switch. NAB and ANZ seems to have pretty high interest rates.

Can’t seem to remember what the fourth of the BIG FOUR banks is. Let’s just leave it at that and not rely on Google for help.

What is your interest rate in interest rates?

-insert clever signoff- Christine

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